8 Important SEO Trends in 2019

Published: 02.04.2019

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Trend One: Optimizing from the User’s Point of View

Well-executed SEO is about far more than your end of the game. Gaining traction and increasing business through SEO is great, but don’t forget that a potential client or customer is on the other end of your efforts.


Your website should deliver value to users, not just to your organization. Potential clients who want to do business through your website or learn more about your business should be able to do so easily. Get into a future customer’s shoes and browse through your website– take note of clunky wording or processes that leave you wondering if you’re doing things right. These are things that should be optimized.


Trend Two: Mobile Optimization

In the modern age, you’re cutting out a massive amount of potential clients if your site isn’t optimized for mobile users. Your website’s ranking is sure to tank and remain at the bottom of the barrel until you get your site set up for the mobile age.


Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. All of the content that users can see and access on a desktop should be easy to view and work with on a mobile phone, too. Things like font size and call-to-action buttons are critical considerations during this process and play heavily into your search engine rankings.



Trend Three: Optimizing for Voice Search and Other Assistance

Countless individuals rely on tools and assistance like voice search to find what they need online. You should be willing to place a heavy focus on optimizing your website for these voice-searched keywords.


Consider integrating long-tailed keywords into your site to maximize your exposure during voice searches. These keywords crop up far more often in voice and other assistive searches than traditional search methods. Ensure that content is short and concise. Long paragraphs often befuddle the AI that’s responsible for interacting with voice searchers and performing operations for them.


Trend Four: Video Talks

Video marketing has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years– and for more reason. When video content is integrated into a website, it can help you or your organization come off as more professional. Videos are also engaging to potential clients and oftentimes are easier to digest than text. Structure long questions that you think will lead to your videos into SEO-friendly and keyword-based titles.


Trend Five: Targeting Local Audiences

Online marketing has long overlooked the benefits of targeting local audiences, but beginning your marketing strategy with an emphasis on those local to you may be more beneficial than you think. It offers an opportunity to make some cash close to home before broadening your scope.


One excellent way to achieve this is by implementing AdWords with a limited radius. This allows you to focus on a local audience and avoid reaching too far too soon.


Trend Six: Facing Competition

The surge of companies marketing online and a push for SEO has rendered online sales a cutthroat market. It’s critical that your business stays ahead of the competition when it comes to optimization. You should take active steps to recognize and update content in need of modification. If you want to keep ahead of the curve, you have to actively work ahead— not rely on Google to tell you your content is stale.



Trend Seven: Page Speed



Potential customers are turned off by laggy pages and slow loading times. Page speed is a key ranking factor for both desktop and mobile-optimized web pages.


You can get a free speed score from a variety of online services to give you an idea of the upload speeds your website boasts. Take steps to fix bugs and work out technical issues to keep pages running smoothly and quickly. If you have unused plug-in floating around your website, now is the time to remove them.

Trend Eight: User Data Security

With security breaches making big headlines in the past few years, consumers are more worried than ever about the security of the personal data that they share.


As odd as it may sound, website security actually does have an impact on SEO performance. Factors like crawling errors and blacklisting by Google play heavily into a website’s ranking within the search engine.


At MAB ventures, we understand that these trends comprise the future (and the present) of SEO. We have tracked these trends closely and are committed to implementing them. With new technological innovations and advancements coming into play in the online and SEO sectors every day, keeping up with change is critical to maintaining a business that aligns with SEO best practices.

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