AI in Digital Marketing in 2019

Published: 01.24.2019

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Chatbots Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Chatbots are really just software– it’s what that software can do that makes it special. Thanks to technological advancements and innovations in recent years, marketers have been afforded software that can converse with clients for them in real-time through live chat interfaces. This is why chatbots can and should be acting as standout marketing tools for any individual or organization who values customer-brand interaction.


Chatbots consistently deliver an elevated user experience, when built right. Potential customers or clients can engage in seamless live chat and get their concerns addressed in real time rather than playing phone or email tag with your staff. 24/7 availability and the capability to respond to endless queries mean that your chatbot will be clocking overtime on the daily– and you don’t even have to worry about paying it a salary!


Content Generation and Curation: More Efficient

Any marketing professional heading their own sales efforts knows how difficult it can be to create and curate quality content. Anybody can cobble together a messy blog post or spend ten minutes writing a halfhearted product description– but how far does that get you with clients and customers? The question hardly even requires an answer.


AI technology has the incredible ability to bridge the gap between individual platform users and targeted, individualized content. Through the use of AI content curation, businesses have the opportunity to produce high-quality content that actually prompts users to engage with their business. AI can help ensure that your content only goes to the people it’ll benefit most– the people who are aggressively searching for whatever product or service you offer.


Voice Search Becoming the Standard      

Industry professionals have estimated that as many as 50% of searches will be voice-activated by 2020. Anybody with access to a computer or television has seen the popularity of AI personal assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home skyrocket in the past few years– and this technology isn’t going anywhere.


As more of these devices are sold, it’s critical for marketers to stay ahead of the curve and optimize for voice searches. Because consumers can now get one single answer to questions that would typically bring up hundreds of pages of results through a search engine. Pushing to optimize your content for voice search makes you the sole answer to questions can lead to marketing success.


Predictive Analytics Altering the Digital Landscape   

Predictive analytics rely on the use of data, algorithms, and AI techniques to identify possible future outcomes. In terms of marketing, this can mean a wealth of things.


One way that predictive analytics might be utilized within the marketing sphere is to prioritize (and even qualify) leads. Predictive scoring, for example, is a process that helps marketers prioritize known prospects, leads, and current accounts. This prioritization centers around the likelihood of an individual or business to take action– what that action is is entirely your decision.


In other cases, predictive analytics might be utilized within identification models. AI can help marketers identify and acquire prospective clients and customers. This is achieved through an observation and analyzation process that seeks to find individuals and businesses with attributes similar to preexisting clients.


The End Result: Improved User Experience (UX)

All of the above factors combine to create what smart marketers are always on the hunt for: an improved user experience for existing and potential clientele. With technology like chatbots available to address customer concerns around the clock (and without human error or attitude), a customer will never feel the need to go somewhere else for what they’re looking for.


Thanks to AI-based content curation and predictive analytics, consumers will be able to avoid the “spammy” content that tends to drive them away from making purchases. Consumers want to feel like individuals when you speak to them. Ironically, outsourcing some of your work to AI technology and taking a hands-off approach will help you achieve this with minimal issues.


At the end of the day, marketers stand to benefit tremendously from the innovations being made in the AI world. When implemented properly, AI could make the difference between booming sales and empty phone lines and email inboxes. Taking the time to learn about this technology and understand how it can shift the marketing sector for good will allow you to come out on top of the competition time and time again.

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