What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Published: 05.11.2019

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We live in a world with seemingly infinite options in regards to available products and services; which is why new marketing tactics should be implemented to assist in increasing a brand’s online visibility. One of the ways a business can increase its online presence and boost its conversion rate is with enhanced brand content, especially if it’s on Amazon.
What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced brand content refers to content that details the most important elements of the products or services being sold by a brand, with the goal of expediting a consumer’s purchasing decision.

Enhanced content details the information and showcases the imagery the consumer wants to know and see before making a purchase. This differs from the standard content, which usually consists of generic descriptions with poor images that force consumers to dig deeper (i.e., read reviews and/or going on platforms like YouTube to see product unboxings) to find the information they need.

You may be thinking of Amazon as it is a strong example of getting product listings right. Amazon is known for its consumer-first, online market. The whole experience with the platform is meant to be of ease to the user. To achieve a seamless experience for consumers they have strict restrictions filtering which product listings get published and seen.

Because these standards allow for a better user experience on the platform already, when an Amazon seller uses Amazon enhanced brand content, sellers get an opportunity to boost conversion rates, increase traffic and sales.

In order to use it, your brand’s account must be registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. Once you are eligible to use the tool, it will allow you to describe your product features in a way unlike the standard. Including important aspects that’ll hook your potential customers like your unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.


How Can Enhanced Brand Content Benefit Your Business?

Enhanced content is simply a more efficient method of relaying essential information to consumers because it works to address anticipated questions and concerns in a clear and concise manner. Some of the benefits of enhanced brand content include:

  • Good First Impressions – Businesses that provide helpful information, accompanied with accurate images of a brand’s product or service will eliminate a consumer’s need to do further research (which takes time and energy). This creates a frictionless user-experience, which increases the probability of a good being purchased and a positive review being left.
  • Increases a User’s Experience – A frustrated consumer is equivalent to a lost opportunity for a conversion. All content connected to your brand should be built with the objective of optimizing a user’s experience. This means that your content should be straightforward, easily-accessible, informative, and accurate.
  • Increased Sales – Good first impressions are an element of increased sales. When a consumer is on your website, they are most likely looking to make a purchase. All a consumer needs to know is, does your product fulfill their need, and if you can articulate the information they are looking for in an easily-digestible manner, then their business is yours.
  • Improved SEO – SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to a company’s online visibility. SEO is impacted by a number of variables, including content that possesses helpful information, reputable links, and keywords that describe the core elements of the products and services your brand provides. Strong SEO helps your business rise up the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, and increase your odds of being seen by consumers with intent.
  • Brand Knowledge – Enhanced brand content promotes increased brand knowledge and higher comprehension rates among consumers, due to the straight-forward language and high-quality imagery being used.


Enhanced brand content is rapidly growing in popularity amongst businesses attempting to be seen over competitors who offer similar products and services. Incorporating enhanced brand content on your platform is not only appreciated by potential and existing customers, but by search engine algorithms looking for relevant links to provide to consumers. If your content satisfies all the requirements, then there’s a chance that your efforts will be rewarded with prime positioning on a search engine results page. And winning those sales on Amazon as well.

To learn how we can help your business increase its conversion rate through modern marketing practices such as enhanced brand content, contact us today.

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