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Spend any amount of time with fitness power couple Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece and you’ll find yourself thinking about ways to live a healthier life. With various accomplishments in surf, volleyball, fitness and beyond, the pair has built their life around being active.

And people have noticed. Professional athletes, celebrities and senior executives now seek training opportunities at Hamilton and Reece’s elite training boot camps in Malibu and elsewhere. XPT Life’s “Breathe. Move. Recover.” philosophy involves land, gym and water workouts combined with revolutionary breathing and recovery routines.

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Educating without Intimidating

The majority of XPT Life practitioners came to Hamilton and Reece by referral. As the business continued to expand, XPT Life faced the challenge of appealing to an audience who didn't have a personal connection to its founders. And while the company has a dense and diverse library of wellness content, accessing it on their website was not easy for the casual observer.

To spread the word about XPT Life's complete fitness lifestyle system, the venture needed a strategic marketing plan to help refocus their brand, audience and digital presence. A company lead by influencers like Hamilton and Reece has an amazing story to tell and XPT Life needed a better way to tell it.


Smoothly Combining Content and Commerce

MAB took a look at XPT Life’s wealth of content and quickly decided the company needed a digital platform to match the high-performance training it promoted. A restructured site path, modern layout, clear brand identity, and tagline were the beginnings of a digital experience that engaged all levels of athletes.

MAB helped increase traffic to the site by highlighting daily training programs that attract new users and introduce them to XPT Life. The goal was to productize the site’s content and give people a reason to keep coming back for more.

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