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Published: 08.26.2019

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Subscribers, subscribers, subscribers. As a digital magazine, it is important to have people consuming your content daily. It won’t cut it to rely on only organic subscriptions, or people who happened to cross your online publications. Being online affords you a multi-pronged strategy to develop and increase your brand awareness.


Online Marketing Advantages of a Webzine

Online publications are void of the limitations associated with printed materials. Digital magazines enable companies to incorporate animation and links to other relevant content right back to your own site. This can boost user engagement, drive traffic back to the main web pages, and increase SERP (search engine results page) rankings by utilizing proven SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.


There are a few ways you can increase your digital magazine’s viewership such as creating enhanced user-experiences and amazing content, as well as boosting your social media engagement, adding your title to a digital magazine platform like Zinio or Readly, using Google Ads to promote your content, and implementing guest blogging strategies.


Coming up with a game plan to tackle different aspects of digital marketing will establish a strong foundation for your webzine’s following.


SEO-Optimized Online Publications Have: 


  • Intuitive Site Architecture – User-friendliness is a term that can be used to describe an array of processes that result in a positive user experience such as ease of site navigation. This can trigger a chain of events that will lead to increased website traffic, longer sessions and shares. 
  • Clean Code – There’s nothing worse than a glitchy, poor-performing website. Files that won’t load and videos that won’t play can have a profoundly negative impact on your SERP ranking. 
  • Evergreen Content – Articles are written in a timely manner so inevitably, traffic to those pages will decrease. Create supplemental content that is evergreen, meaning they will stay relevant and useful, longer. These pages can become the hubs that silo to other news. 
  • Mobile Usability – It is important to ensure that your digital magazine is formatted for mobile devices. Mobile usability promotes high user-friendliness when responsive design and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are embedded within each web page. 



Increasing Subscribers with Digital Magazine Marketing

Connecting with potential subscribers can be more effective by one method than the other. But that doesn’t mean you need to choose only one method.


Effective Digital Marketing Strategies can Include: 


    • Social Media – Create accounts and take advantage of all your social media channels. Let them be your outlets to boost old content, make sure your new content is being seen and keep your subscribers engaged. 
    • Adwords You can develop paid campaigns for specific target audiences to better reach them. You can also extract informative data from the ads you run, which, in turn, will allow you to attract subscribers while fine tuning your campaigns. 
    • Email Marketing – Email marketing is a proven method of acquiring subscribers. For companies equipped with an email database, you can offer value to new potential subscribers as well as existing subscribers with different email marketing campaigns. 


  • Guest blogging  – This can be part of a bigger link-building strategy that allows you to get referenced from other sites. When you get a link connected to a page on your website, it can act as a voucher for your credibility and expertise. 


  • Digital Magazine Marketing Sample – Whether your company provides its digital magazine via an app or the web, there should be a free segment or issue of your magazine available to viewers interested in the content you provide. An immediate offering of some sort helps direct potential subscribers through the sales funnel and turn their interest into a lead.


Your online publication can benefit from a varied strategy that will help you develop and increase your brand awareness. 


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