Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Published: 01.13.2020

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Digital marketing encompasses a lot of different things including social media, marketing automation, SEO, and much more. Knowing the latest digital marketing trends has not only become the norm for many business owners, but it has become a company’s top priority.  As we enter 2020, these digital marketing trends are changing at a rapid pace. Still, the company’s that can stay on top of them will not only experience significant breakthroughs in their business, but it can lead them to major profits as well.


Artificial Intelligence

What may have been a thing of the future has taken over our society today. Already many simple jobs have been replaced by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and it will soon be the heart of the global business. A.I.  is not only the most prominent commercial opportunity for many companies, but its advantages are numerous.

  • A.I.  will be able to analyze a consumer’s behavior and use their data from social media platforms to help businesses understand how their customers find their services and products.
  • A.I. will allow businesses to have a competitive advantage over their competition.
  • A.I. will give us the capability of streamlining processes, making it possible to do more in a shorter period.
    • Content Creation
    • Email Personalization
    • E-commerce Transactions
  • A.I. has already created many features like the chatbots which use natural language software that can decipher what the customer wants and respond to them as if they were a real person.


Conversational Marketing

The current customer wants a lot from its business. In fact, 82% of customers expect an immediate response from a company when they have a question.  In order for companies to be able to keep up with this demand, they must provide a service that delivers this instant communication. That is where this year’s new digital marketing trend comes in: conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is a platform that provides a real-time, one-to-one connection between the customer and the marketer, allowing for the company to meet the customer demands on their platforms, their time schedules, and on their devices.  This new trend not only enhances the customer’s experience but it also significantly grows customer engagement and loyalty.



To start 2020 on the right foot, you need to switch up your marketing scheme from generic advertising blasts to more personalized products, emails, and content. Personalization has always been known to bring a lot of benefits to companies that are willing to optimize on this digital marketing trend. However, now more than ever, we are seeing high-end companies riding this marketing trend to a whole new level, including Netflix, Starbucks, and even Amazon. The bottom line is if you want to grow your customer base and expand your business, then personalization will be vital to that success.


Voice Search

The statistics say it all: over 31% of smartphone users use a voice-activated search such as Siri, at least once a week.  Likewise, over 25% of adults in the United States utilize a smart speaker such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo. If you thought voice search was not a dominating trend, then you’re in for quite a surprise as estimates are already indicating that this year 50% of all searches will be voice searches. These results just solidify one thing- voice search will be the most significant online marketing trend of 2020. What’s great about this new search direction is that there are multiple ways for a company to optimize on it; however, the most important changes that they can implement right now include the following:

  • Long-Tail Keywords and Natural Language: Most people that use the voice search option are often asking more conversational questions. Using long-tail keywords that are three to five words long and conversational phrases in your content will not only increase the chances of capturing more results but better serving your customers.
  • Specific Answer: Tailoring your business content to answer specific questions will help you optimize the voice search option. Most individuals using this option want one answer, and they want it fast. By providing a concise explanation at the beginning of your content, it will make it easier for Google to find it and read it as a top result.

In the world of digital marketing, there is only one constant: it is always changing. Staying up to date with the latest tactics and ideas will not only help your business stay ahead of the competition, but it will also be a huge game-changer overall for your company. If you want to learn more about how your business could benefit from these new digital marketing trends, contact MAB today.

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