MAB: Case Study - Fitocracy

Mobile App Rescue Operation


Capitalizing on the Gamified Economy

When you pair a social network for fitness with a society of video game enthusiasts, you get an award-winning mobile app that once had the third highest daily engagement in the app store behind Facebook and Twitter. Users earn digital points and “level up” as they do exercises, all while being motivated by a workout community that fits in the palm of their hand. With over 2 million users, Fitocracy has proved its staying power since it entered the scene in 2012.

Mobile App Development


In Good Hands

Fitocracy, now co-owned and managed by MAB, was named one of Apple’s best-developed apps in 2017 and is ranked as one of the best fitness apps for 2018 by CNET. To keep with these high standards, MAB surveyed the existing technology behind the app and came up with a strategy to improve the user experience, grow the app’s user base and remain loyal to the well-known brand.


Optimizing Performance

MAB’s partnership in the fitness app company strengthens Fitocracy’s commitment to providing an experience that keeps people coming back for more. By simplifying and repairing the back-end of the Fitocracy platform, MAB helped restore the app to how it operated in its heyday.

Fitocracy will lay the groundwork for apps created for other MAB partners like Mayweather and XPT Life.

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