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It's What's Inside that Counts.

We all know that how you fuel your body makes a difference in your overall health and performance. In short, ingredients matter. At least that’s what Omax Health, a science-based, health and wellness company, stands by.

The company’s most popular Omax3® supplement was developed by Yale-affiliated scientists and has become the industry standard in premium omega-3 products. They have their sights set on building a health and wellness company that allows people to get the most out of life.

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SEO Marketing


Fit for Competition

The company focuses on developing premium quality nutraceuticals in a highly competitive supplement market. The excellence of their product was being overshadowed by a technical nightmare of too many different platforms and ineffective tracking and analysis of online traffic.

In order to capitalize on the success of the supplement and transition to growth mode, Omax Health needed to drive down their ad costs, amp up their digital marketing strategy and be challenged to make important brand level decisions.


Building a Healthy Digital Experience

MAB helped Omax Health implement changes that increased the company’s overall efficiency. By streamlining Omax Health’s online presence, MAB first consolidated content that was spread out over 3 different sites. Now the company has a single, comprehensive platform that includes unified reporting and verified analytics.

The improvements saved time and money and allowed Omax Health to enlist MAB for digital marketing services that eventually reduced the company’s CPA.

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