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Community, Culture and Clarity

Goodwill is an organization with more than 100 years of experience serving people who are in need of goods and a variety of services. The general public recognizes the Goodwill of Orange County as a worthwhile cause, but most people don’t know half of what the organization is doing for the community. As a brand with a strong grasp of who they are and what they stand for, our challenge was to simplify and clarify their web presence, creating an identity that told their story better.


Custom Development




An Updated Website To Encourage User Interaction

Despite being one of the more well-known charitable organizations in Orange County and across the country, Goodwill of Orange County struggled to deliver their full story to the community in a user-friendly digital package. Years of accumulated content and layers of inner pages made site navigation challenging for first-time and returning users alike.

The nonprofit needed a redesigned website that streamlined content and offered a more conversion-centric destination for users to learn and connect with the various programs offered by Goodwill of Orange County.


Efficient and Engaging

We worked closely with Goodwill of Orange County’s internal marketing team and PR agency to outline a simplified site that synthesized years of accumulated content and pointed traffic to the appropriate departments.

By reorganizing the site, we were able to prioritize important information, showcase the nonprofit’s breadth of services and engage the community more effectively. More importantly, the new design brings the stories and faces behind Goodwill of Orange County’s work to the forefront of the nonprofit’s brand and identity.

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